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AUDITIONS: Marjorie Prime

Phoenicia Playhouse is auditioning for all roles for 

Marjorie Prime 
by Jordan Harrison


Thursday and Friday Feb 7 & 8 at 6pm and Saturday Feb 9th at 2pm

Marjorie Prime is an intimate drama, yet ambitious in scope.  Set in the foreseeable future, Marjorie Prime tells the story of 85-year old Marjorie who is experiencing the first symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. To bring her comfort, her daughter and son-in-law hire a service called Prime, designed to aid Alzheimer patients by creating realistic facsimiles of deceased family members.  Marjorie has chosen a younger version of her late husband Walter, who passed away fifteen years ago.   

Marjorie Prime poses thought-provoking questions about memory, humanity, and love and was named as one of the best new plays by The New York Times.

Seeking:  (All ages are approximate)

Marjory:  85 years old, Witty and educated, frustrated by the way her mind and body are betraying her.  

Walter: In his 30’s. Marjory’s husband from a different era. Good looking and sympathetic. Although created through Artificial Intelligence, he is not a robot and does not behave artificially in any manner.  He is simply Marjory’s husband at a younger age.

Tess:  55 years old.  Marjory and Walter’s daughter.  Mis-trustful of the new Walter, not only because of its technology, but because his presence rekindles long-ago family dynamics.

Jon: 55 years old. Gregarious and kind, Jon embraces and facilities Walter’s presence in the household.  He is the family outsider as well as its care-taker. 

Marjory Prime will open on May 3 and close May 19th.

The production will be directed by Michael Koegel, Phoenicia Playhouse’s Artistic Director.  Rehearsals will begin in mid-March.

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